Guess what I found out about myself, that I didn’t realize before…….? Motivation to get up and go, or to eat healthy doesn’t come before you exercise and eat healthy, it comes after. When I am not motivated to exercise or eat healthy, but I force myself to do it anyways, all of a sudden I gain a little bit of motivation from doing it, that I then use for the next day. It’s as if the motivation grows little by little. Then when the next day comes I use that tiny bit of motivation to do it all over again….and you know what….MORE motivation comes after that and it’s stronger. Every day that I do what I need to do, I find that my motivation gets stronger and I don’t have to force myself to work out any more, because I change, and then I WANT to work out and eat healthily. The first little while is all about my inner push. Push past day one, and then day two will be easier. Push past day two, and then day three is even easier….and so on!

Also, surrounding myself with likeminded people, and surrounding myself with things that remind me of my goals is so intensely helpful. I try to shy away from negative people and negative comments. I remind myself that I am valued and am a downright miracle. We all are. This world in general is a freaking miracle if I really think about it.

WOO HOO!!!!! August is a new month! Let’s get ourselves going!!!

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